Online gaming in Finland

nline gaming is expanding all through Europe and Finland is the latest European country preparing to offer online gaming. The Finnish Slot Machine Association (RAY) and State Lottery Veikkhaus Oy have permission to offer online casino, poker and bingo games now.

The new licensing laws will allow them to operate online after March 1st, however, RAY will not begin online until August. Veikkhaus Oy and RAY are two-thirds of the gaming in Finland and Finnish regulators are hoping to keep the monopoly going in Finland. They feel they are not in violation of any current EU law, despite protests from some land based gaming operators in the country.

Kaisa Fahllund, a partner and head of the technology group at the Helsinki office of law firm Hannes Snellman said: “Basically Finland sticks to its monopoly but the reason that RAY has been allowed to offer these games is so they can compete with the foreign operators.”

The online gaming in Europe is going strong this year as countries try to capitalize on the success they have seen in Britain. Foxy Bingo, as an example, are heading into Sweden in forthcoming weeks.

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